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I'm Natalia, I'm a sparring partner for senior leaders like you dealing with leadership progression and career development issues. I can help you clarify your current situation, set your dream outcome, and take the proper steps towards achieving it.

Whether you’re trying to get promoted, adjusting to a new bigger leadership challenge, or setting a career goal that will finally bring fulfillment, I’m here to support you in making it happen.

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Lost your mojo?

You can figure out everything on your own. Yet, you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and self-doubt.

What else is out there for you? You have grown fast, but it doesn’t happen anymore.

How do you adjust your leadership skills? You are a great leader, but your new role is a different ball game.

It is time to own your development plan. Moving beyond randomness and someone else’s will with a clear strategy.

How do you adapt to a new company culture after spending a long time in one organization?

How do you make a new, ambitious career step while balancing your life?

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Each journey is unique, with three common steps



It starts with awareness about your current situation and challenges, which involve deep reflective inquiry to uncover the real problems, aspirations, and behavioral patterns that move you forward and those that hold you back.



After achieving clarity, you’ll define your big goal and realistic next steps towards it. Outline the ideal outcome you're aiming for and the path forward to realize it.


Support & Accountability

Executing the plan with my ongoing support and guidance. My role is to ensure you achieve your goal and gain the skills and confidence to sustain your progress on your own.

Coach Natalia Scherff

Why work with me?

I am a leadership coach with deep experience in career transition. As I support you in this vulnerable period, you will:

Feel proud of your journey and achievements

Gain confidence that you have done your best, presented the best version of yourself

Become more aware of external expectations and break free from their pressure.

I have a unique 360° profile

I am direct and straight-to-the-point coach and I deeply care about you and your path to fulfillment. I am known for my structured and systematic approach, as I pay attention to the minor details while keeping the bigger picture in sight. My vast experience in executive recruitment and talent development gives me insight into how executives are hired, retained, developed, promoted, and fired. With leadership assessment competence and world-class coaching training, I strive to engage deeply with my clients to help them build on their strengths.

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"I turned to Natalia on a very short notice as I was already in the process of interviews, and it was a high-stakes situation. She was very flexible and could accommodate my very busy schedule and hold the pressure of executive recruitment process just fine.
She has a very
strong method, where she didn’t directly consult me, but rather coached me to uncover my own strengths and build my story. I enjoyed the experience very much, and it made me feel more at ease and confident during all the following conversations. And, I got the job!"

SVP, Cluster Head

Mid-size Pharmaceutical Company

“I solve problems for a living and am considered one of the very best in my field. My mission is to make things happen - for my clients. My employer. My family.But when it came to addressing “me”, I was not able to reach the same level of clarity and peak performance by myself - I needed a coach.I turned to Natalia with only one ask: help me sort my thinking, drown the noise, and de-clutter the multifaceted considerations. In short, I asked her: Mary Kondo my mind - and she did.There was no magic bullet, you have to do the hard work yourself. Addressing your inner saboteurs, dealing with patterns that got you far, but run its course, and squaring off the inconsistencies to embrace the bugs as key features.I became a faster, better, happier and more successful person with the help of Natalia."

Managing Partner at a

Fortune 500 IT-Service Company

“I only can express my deepest appreciation for the work I have done with Natalia. I had been working in one company for my whole professional life. I grew organically, changed markets and functions, and always took broader responsibility. When the time came to approach the job market for my new challenge outside of my alma mater – I didn't even know where to start.  This is how I met Natalia. She has a strong system that she adapts and tailors very individually. Her guidance and support with clear structure and understandable logical steps helped me navigate this major challenge in my career. She helped me identify my internal resources and also patterns and  limitations to find the right path, stay on it, and eventually succeed.”

VP, Country President, European Country

Top 15 BigPharma Company.

“Natalia has been coaching me for the last year through significant organizational transformations and a change in the role. Her attentive and thoughtful approach, great listening skills, and ability to ask the right questions have contributed enormously to my development as a leader and a person. Natalia has a unique ability to help me quickly crystallize both the real challenge at hand as well as how to approach, reframe, or solve, to develop further. She closely links conversations to my core values and longer-term goals to bridge narrow and broader perspectives. I am truly grateful for Natalia’s coaching and would highly recommend anyone looking to grow to work with her.”

Executive Director

Global Value & Access at Novartis.

Put yourself in the driver's seat

Follow a leadership and career development path that doesn’t just look good on paper but feels right in your heart.

ICF Member
Hogan Assessments Certification
ICF ACC Member


Do you have questions? I got answers.

What is coaching?

International Coaching Federation (ICF), whose gold standards and code of ethics I follow, defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” In my opinion, it is also the most efficient adult learning method.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

A consultant analyzes a problem and then shares their expertise and advice. They tell you what needs to be done, whereas a coach works with internal resources and nurtures growth in yourself. A coach can use their experience to provoke a thinking process and help clients create optimal results.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A therapist is trained to treat mental illness, traumas, and/or other significant emotional and relational concerns, while a coach helps you boost performance and reach fulfillment in various areas of your life.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

A mentor is someone who has a more senior position and/or phase in life. They share their knowledge, skills, and experience to help a mentee develop and grow. A coach provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

How many sessions does it take to solve my issues?

The process is always different and will be fully tailored for you individually. In my practice, solving specific career and leadership requests usually takes an average of 7 sessions (between 4 and 10) during a 6-month timeframe.As a special product, I offer a 2-session interview preparation set.

You’ve had experience with coaching before, and it didn’t help. How is this different?

You can tap into the unique combination of experience I bring into my coaching process and practice. I have worked in a world-class executive search firm, in one of the best multinational corporations. I am an ICF coach and certified leadership assessor with various life experiences of ups and downs, and I create a fully customized coaching process and environment for you. Moreover, there is a free chemistry session, and no strings are attached to the coaching - you can always decide how many sessions you would like to have

How do you tailor your coaching approach to individual clients?

Coaching is always tailored by default, as a coach provides the structure and the process, and a client leads the way. Solutions are very individual as well as people and their problems are.

How do you measure progress in coaching?

With my help a specific goal will be set by you for the whole coaching relationship as well as for each session in particular. Then, together we will see if we are moving towards it. The major coaching KPI is the progress and satisfaction of a client.

How does confidentiality work in your coaching practice?

Coaching relationship is absolutely confidential on a coach site, a client is free to speak about the coaching and the topics being discussed with anyone. Please see Data Privacy for more information.

How do you stay current with the latest career development and leadership trends?

I undergo an educational program per year. The International Coaching Federation requires continuous learning. I also work as an executive talent scout on a free-lance basis to be fully up-to-date about current market developments.

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